Pack Leaders

Committee Chair: Millie Marchese 631-332-8080

The committee chair is a  paperwork position.  You will need to reserve the space at the school for pack  meetings, set the agenda at leader meetings and delegate tasks to keep the pack  running smoothly.  

Chartered Organization Representative CORE: Kat DiCristina 646-296-1821

The PTA at Fort  Salonga holds our charter.  This position is the liaison between the PTA and the  Pack. CORE shares any events and information with the pack.  The other job the  CORE does is the registration of the pack.  This is done once a year online.

Cubmaster: Daniel O'Connell 631-356-5311

The cubmaster is the  leader at Pack Nights and events. There is one pack night per month, one leader  planning meeting per month, and one Round table per month (the leadership  committee can rotate attending).  The cubmaster sets the tone for the  pack.

Assistant Cubmaster: Mark Pinto 646-239-5609

Treasurer: Mark Pinto 646-239-5609

Collect and  deposit checks.  Pays reimbursements and trips.  Keeps  books.

Trip Coordinator: Millie Marchese 631-332-8080



Den Leaders

Tiger Den Leader

Mark Pinto


Wolf Den Leader

Daniel O'Connell 


Bear Den Leader

Janine Victor


Webelos I Den Leader


Webelos II Den Leader

Peter  Wozniak 

631-926-0951  or 631-544-6540

Other Leaders

Quarter Master: Irene Gilbert 516-301-6777

Pack 379 owns a trailer  with our camping gear and supplies.  The quarter master keeps the trailer secure and keeps an inventory log.

Advancement Chair Peter Wozniak: 631-926-0951 or 631-544-6540

Recruitment and Registration Chair: Elyssa Valladares

Blue and Gold Chair: Irene Gilbert 516-301-6777

Obtain a location to  host the Blue and Gold event.Plan all details.

Parade Chair: Diane Calderone

We participate in 3  parades (Memorial Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Veteran's Day Parades) and in flag  placements.  We also present a wreath at Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades.  The parade chair registers the pack and organizes events.

Other Leaders

Chartered Organization Fort Salonga PTA

Matinecock District Commissioner Donna DiGiovanni631-258-2637

Fundraiser Chair Millie Marchese 631-332-8080

Organize  fundraising events   

Webmaster Mike Palmeri 631-651-9636

Monitor the site to add  updated events and information.  Individual leaders can add their own meetings,  events, photos and add new members on the Scoutlander page.

Pine Car Derby Chair Matt Gilbert 516-301-6777

Organize  event including weigh in,setting up track, awards, and running  race.

Pine Car Derby Food Chair Jody Burke 631-239-5423

Organize  food sale during Pinewood Derby Race day

Volunteers are needed

All leaders have  completed Youth Protection Training. If you are interested in becoming a  CubScout leader or volunteering to help organize the Scouts (you are at the  event anyway), please let us know.  We would love to  have NEED your  involvement.